The Applied Science Conference

On April 4, the Sinai conference hall of the Menorah Center hosted the medical applied science conference themed: “A new look at the metabolic syndrome and factors of cardiovascular risk”. The conference was attended by about 300 participants, including health care organizers, cardiologists, endocrinologists, therapists, family doctors and young scientists.

The main scientific and practical areas of the conference were:
∙ Spectrum of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic risk factors in Ukraine.
∙ Arterial hypertension and its contribution to the development of comorbid states.
∙ European recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidemia-2016: what has changed?
∙ Family hypercholesterolemia: a new look at the old problem from the positions of the International, European and Ukrainian societies of atherosclerosis.
∙ Overweight as one of the most common risk factors for cardiac pathology in Ukraine.
∙ The problem of early menopause and andropause in Ukraine. Their contribution to the formation of cardiovascular risk. Implementation of the first National Interdisciplinary Consensus on supporting women in menopause in Ukraine.
∙ Hyperuricemia and osteoporosis. Prevalence in the population and modern approaches to treatment.
∙ The problem of smoking in Ukraine and ways to solve it.
∙ Prevalence of psychoemotional disorders in stressful situations.