The Menorah Center brought together the best dancers from around the world

On November 7, 8 and 9, the world’s largest Menorah Center hosted the annual international competition in sports ballroom dancing “Dnepr Cup-2014”. Deputy Mayor Irina G. Zaitseva opened up the welcoming ceremony.

This year “Dnepr Cup-2014” provided an opportunity for dancers to participate in the official Eastern European championship from World DanceSport Federation WDSF.

Over 1,000 couples from 17 countries, including Japan, Spain, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, Armenia, Poland, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine showed their mastery in one of the best Ukraine’s locations of the Menorah Grand Hall.

The titled international panel of judges from around the world, namely from Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Norway, Belarus and, of course, Ukraine had arrived to evaluate the mastery of dancing duets. Dance Sports Clubs “Cascade” and “Astra” organized the festival.

WDSF International Open, WDSF World Open category of adult European program, WDSF Open Latin American and European programs for Adults competitions were conducted in the framework of the tournament. From early morning, all novice dancers and sportsmen from classification groups competed in all age categories.

The prizes were won as follows in the WDSF Open Adult category of the Latin American program:

1. Alexey Tishchenko – Maria Vodopiyanova (Kiev)

2. Lubomir Kulbachinskii – Diana Maydanik

3. Yuri Cora – Maria Kozobrod (Nikopol)

4. Victor Natrasenyuk – Daniella Preap (Kiev)

5. Dmitry Skuratovskiy – Galina Morgun (Kiev)

6. Khvicha Aladashvili – Ani Golodze (Georgia)

7. Bogdan Shpota – Alyona Kozak (Dnepropetrovsk)

The WDSF International Open Standard Adult category pleased the audience with the following results:

1. Sergei Krasnoshlyk – Elena Fomicheva (Dnepropetrovsk)

2. Lauris Paegle – Jelizaveta Rukosujeva (Latvia)

3. Alexander Gusarevich – Christina Martirosova (Dnepropetrovsk)

4. Cezary Szymanski – Ida Marszalek (Poland)

5. Dmitry Zhuk – Katerina Prafenyuk (Kiev)

6. Victor Natrasenyuk – Daniella Preap (Kiev).

Rousing and majestic ballroom dancing at the Menorah Center turned out a grand celebration of beauty, youth and harmony.