The International Museum Day celebrated at the Menorah Center

On May 15, 2014 the Menorah Center held the celebration of the International Museum Day attended by the Deputy City Mayor I.G. Zaitseva, as well as Menorah’s Deputy Director for Marketing and Sales M.E. Geller.

Irina Zaitseva started her speech by thanking the Menorah Center for its contribution to the preservation of cultural and historical monuments. Irina Georgievna congratulated all the heads of museum institutions in the city and added: “These people are making an invaluable contribution, because modern museums are spirituality temples that hold evidence of human activity during the millennium and awaken desire for beauty and harmony”.

Mariana Geller congratulated all museum staff and said: “The Menorah Center operates two museums: The Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum and the Rozenfeld Museum of Numismatics and Philately, which are the spiritual components of the Complex and occupy an important place in its activities. We are pleased to contribute to putting together such events and promoting the development of museums”.

The heads of museums mentioned that historical monuments encourage a different reread of the past and understanding the philosophy of the previous generations, evoke a sense of love and respect for the national cultural heritage.

After the official part, the solemn rewarding of museum employees took place. Mariana Geller was also awarded for her contribution into making this event a reality.

During the ceremony Irina Zaitseva expressed gratitude to all those present: “Thanks to the selfless creative work of museum workers we annually have research and a variety of educational activities to create new displays and numerous unique exhibitions”.

The event was attended by the heads of the city museum institutions, representatives of the cultural segment and the public.  After the celebration, everyone was invited on a tour of the Menorah Center and the Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum.