The legendary mansion – a unique platform for the social event

In September 2016, the city of Dnepr will celebrate its 240th anniversary. Throughout its history, the city has gone through a lot of bright and tragic events, upheavals and even renaming. To this day, there are not that many historical landmarks that have been preserved. One of them is definitely Pchelkin’s House. This is a rare building that survived and has been carefully and lovingly renovated. This mansion was built in 1898 by architect Dmitry Skorobogatov at the order of Merchant David Pchelkin. The family of Merchant Pchelkin in Yekaterinoslav was famous for more than one generation. The merchant of the first guild David Pchelkin, trading in wood, had several estates and shops. He occupied a number of various posts in the city, and during the years 1868-1871 he was the mayor of Yekaterinoslav. In addition, he was actively involved in charity work and erected several elegant buildings.

To learn how the fate of the mansion for more than 100 years evolved and what kind of legends envelop its walls, please take a tour of the Menorah Center, to which Pchelkin’s House belongs.
Today, it is not only a historical monument for excursions. The refurbished marble halls are a great location for a wide variety of events: from exquisite weddings to gala presentations.

If you are looking for a location for a social event or a themed holiday, please rest assured that Pchelkin’s House is surely the best choice. For hall rentals and organization of your event please contact our specialists:
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