The Menorah Center to host a tournament in ballroom dancing “The Mayor’s Cup 2014”

On December 12-14, the Menorah Center will host the annual international tournament in ballroom dancing “The Mayor’s Cup 2014”.

 “The tournament is conducted in Dnepropetrovsk for 14 years in a row. This year, it will take place in the cultural and business center Menorah. At present, the following countries have already confirmed their participation: Italy, Germany, Belarus, Spain, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine. Possibly, a couple from Russia will also join. Dancers from Georgia refused to come to Ukraine because of the events taking place in the east of the country”, said the artistic director of the dance-sport club “Harmony” Oleg Petrovsky.

 The organizers expect the event to be attended by 600-700 couples from 24 countries.