The Menorah Center hosted a seminar for Vysotsky Consulting

On September 9, Vysotsky Consulting held its seminar “Secrets of successful management or how to increase the income of the company” at the Art Gallery of the Menorah Center.

The seminar was conducted by Yaroslav Fedorishin, Managing Partner of Dnepropetrovsk branch of Vysotsky Consulting.  Yaroslav is a graduate of the School of Business Owners and a successful entrepreneur. Yaroslav is the second deputy chairman of the Board of the Association of Industrialists of Dnepropetrovsk.

The workshop addressed the following issues:

– The main management tool that is often missing in the companies. What will help to overcome any crisis?

– Simple universal structure of the company, providing a steady expansion of business at the right speed;

– How to eliminate overload for managers and employees. Simple way, saving up to two-thirds of time;

– What you first need to do to overcome the recession and sustain growth;

– How to retain and motivate productive employees;

– How to achieve financial independence and stability of the company.