The Menorah Center will host a meeting with the representative of Charles University (Czech Republic)

On 5 March at 19.00, the Menorah Center will host a meeting with Richard Smejkal, a representative of Charles University (Prague). The organizer of the meeting is Litera, the educational agency. Dnepropetrovsk school graduates and their parents are welcome to join in.

The meeting will highlight the most relevant questions for future students of European universities, including the most important one – How to enter the state university and study for free?


Charles University is one of the most famous and oldest educational institutions in Europe. The university has about 5o thousand students, including foreign nationals. To date, Charles University is the largest institution of higher education the Czech Republic. Along with Oxford, Leiden, Bonn, Sorbonne, Bologna and the University of Geneva, it is a part of the Association of European universities. These schools form the so-called unified educational space, that is students may enroll in one university and can continue their education in another.

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