“The Menorah in facts and figures after 1 year” press conference

“The Menorah in facts and figures after 1 year” press conference

“The Menorah in facts and figures after 1 year” press conference, dedicated to the first year of the Center operation, was held on October 30, 2013 at the Menorah Center.

The main participants of the conference were S.E. Ermakova, Director of “MENORAH LTD”, and I.J. Shchupak, Director of the “Tkumah” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and the “Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine” Museum.

Over the first year, the Menorah Center has hosted more than 300 events and activities, hired 170 employees in the MENORAH LTD management company, more than 1,000 group tours were held in the center, about 5,000 people lived in the “MENORAH HOTEL”, including stars, People’s Artists of Russia and Ukraine, athletes, cultural and political figures.

The Menorah Director Svetlana Y. Ermakova said the following: “The Menorah Center has become a true leader, as evidenced by its daily conferences and events of various kinds. We continue to develop and implement the concept of the Menorah as a cultural and business center with a high spiritual component. It has already become a good tradition to run evenings of the famous film and theater actors, recitals of famous poets and composers, as well as to stage children’s fairy tales and plays. We have opened the Art Gallery, where people can see reproductions of the world’s famous artists. The Art Gallery regularly updates its exhibits; we have already had an exhibition of Claude Monet, now it’s Van Gogh’s turn”.

Svetlana Ermakova mentioned about the partnership and charitable projects, one of which has been implemented in collaboration with Charitable Fund “The Hearts of Three” in the Art Gallery. Its main goal is to assist in the adoption of children in Dnepropetrovsk and the region.

The financial question was also touched at the press conference and Svetlana proudly reported: “The management company had received a global task to ensure a long-term charitable support for the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community. To date, virtually all office space is leased out and the “Menorah” is completely self-sufficient now”.

Director of the “Tkumah” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and the “Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine” Museum Igor Shchupak said during a press conference that within one year the museum was visited by over 37 thousand people from 20 countries. “We have created a unique exhibition. This is due to several factors. First, it’s about unique artifacts. Secondly, we have very interesting art objects, which are an integral part of the exhibition. Thirdly, we possess the most advanced multimedia and technical equipment in Ukraine, dozens of information booths, with a huge amount of data and special presentations. But the most important thing is that our museum is a Ukrainian Museum of the History of the Jews and of the peoples who have lived and continue living here for hundreds and thousands of years”, – said Igor Shchupak.

The Menorah is developing dynamically, albeit still very very young. We have got a lot of plans for the future ahead of us. In the short term, we plan a number of activities as follows:

From 1 to 3 November, we will host the International Championship of ballroom dancing “The Mayor’s Cup2013”.

On November 3, 2013 there will be the only concert in Dnepropetrovsk of classical and traditional chamber Latin music from the world famous composer and legendary guitar virtuoso Jose Luis Merlin.

On November 7, we will run an evening with the satirist and actor Jan Levinson.

On November 21, there will be a concert “Levon Oganezov invites!” Joining him will be the winner of international competitions Yevgenia Trapeznikova (vocals) and the winner of the international jazz festivals Oleg Ageyev (saxophone).

From 22 December to 14 January, our young viewers will enjoy the children’s play “Luntik and a good mood”.

Today, the Center has already a lot of friends and partners. The Menorah remains open for fruitful cooperation.

After the press conference, the participants and journalists continued to communicate over coffee. The journalists were also taken on a full tour of the Menorah with a stop at the 18th floor observation deck.