The StandUp performance

April 20

The Menorah Center invites everyone to enjoy a play in the StandUp style “What are the men silent about, or Savage Forever”. This is a hilarious monologue of the actor of men and women, which has reconciled the two galaxies, the two spaces: a man and a woman. Using the example of own family relations, the actor reveals the absurdity of mutual claims, quarrels, conflicts painfully familiar to anyone who “gets along” in their marriage.
The audience, laughing from the beginning to the end of the performance, all of a sudden when the curtain falls, finds an easy answer for own question, “How to accept and get along with your partner?” That’s why “Savage” is so popular around the world! And in New York, they declared July 18 the Day of the Caveman and 44th Street is renamed to the “Road of Caveman”. The play was written by the American family psychologist and part-time comedian actor Rob Becker. It premiered on Broadway in 1995 and since then has been on the scaffolding around the world, and even entered the Theater Book of Records as the most long-playing one-man show.

Some feedback from the viewers:
– “Many thanks! Tonight I again fell in love with my husband!” – “I got the impression that he was sitting in the kitchen of ours and all that was going on between us, my husband and myself, was being written down!” – “It strengthens family relationships, even when you are 56!”

Tickets can be purchased at the Menorah’s box office or online

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