The young holiday birthday together with the Menorah Center

“Unfortunately, a birthday happens only once a year…”. While for a little birthday boy or a girl it is one of the most important and long-awaited days. And for parents, such an event triggers a huge bunch of organizational issues that, as always, require too much strength or time to deal with. What to give as a gift, who to call, what format to select, and most importantly, where to celebrate? If you, as a parent, don’t feel like leaving your own house at the mercy of unruly kids, you should pre-select a suitable place for children’s entertainment, as well as for an adult meal. The Menorah Center and the Menorah Grand Palace restaurant complex are not just a convenient platform where you can put together a family holiday. They are full-service providers for events of any size. Event service professionals will be your diligent and quivering curators from the moment you start planning the event and until the final chord. Get help in choosing the room, drawing up menus and a scenario plan: you can easily entrust these and many other issues to the Menorah Center’s professional team. You just need to specify the desired date and bring a good mood for the holiday, which is sure to leave happy memories for a lifetime.

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