Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center For Holocaust Studies announces lessons at its Sunday University.

The Sunday University at Tkuma Center plans to hold monthly classes in the most interesting and important questions of the Jewish history in the context of the history of Ukraine and the world. Lectures, discussions and round tables on the following topics are scheduled for 2012/2013:

• The Book of Books: The Holy Letter and historical document

• Ancient civilizations and ancient Hebrews

• Judaism, Christianity and Islam

• The Middle Ages, Age of Discovery and the Jews of Europe

• The Jews of Ukraine during the Khmelnitsky liberation war and the period of Ruins

• The Jews of the Russian Empire at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries

• Jews in the Russian and Ukrainian revolutions: historical myths and the truth

• Myths and truth about N. Makhno and S. Petliura

• Jews, the creators of the Soviet government, and the victims of the Soviet regime

Classes are held in the form of interactive lectures and discussions, round tables, narrative tours, workshops, etc. The Tkuma Center researchers, as well as historians, philosophers, political scientists from Ukraine and other countries of the world will be conducting these classes.

There is a plan to give lectures on Jewish traditions, philosophy, psychology, etc. at the Tkuma Center Sunday University.


The first class at the Tkuma Center Sunday University will be held on Sunday, November 11, at 11.00, at the Menorah Center, in the premises of Tkuma Center (entrance from Sholom Aleichem street, 4th floor, please look for signs).

Students will have a chance to learn about the latest historical literature.

Lesson topic: “The Book of Books: The Holy Letter and a historical document.”

The class is conducted by Igor Shchupak, Candidate of Science and Ph.D., (University of Toronto, Canada), director of Tkuma Center and the Memory of the Jewish people and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum, the author of over 100 scientific papers on the history of Jews in the Ukraine, the Holocaust history and interethnic relations.

Admission is free, no appointment required.

The class is open to all regardless of age and nationality.

For further information please contact:

tel.: +380504522163