Training “Working with negative reactions of the guest”

“It helps to develop personally and professionally”, because it takes place “in an interesting interactive format involving all participants” – these are the arguments of the participants in the training “Working with negative reactions of the guest” in favor of continuing cooperation with EQ Impact boutique of development solutions. Business coach Pavel Shapoval once again pleased the audience with the ease and clarity of his presentation that came from the balance of competence in the topic, his emotional impact, and the specificity of his recommendations. It’s nice when the training provider promises only what he then does, while Olga Zaichenko’s (the author of the trainings) methodology encourages the training participants to change their attitude and thinking, and to continue “working at home in greater detail”.

We sincerely hope that the conclusion “an attitude determines the result” presages many new pleasant moments for the guests of our cultural and business center. Our hope is stronger as “we have looked at all the necessary situations that may arise”. We are grateful to the methodologist and the trainer for the fineness of the techniques and the correctness of their application.