VI East Ukrainian Legal Forum of the Auditor’s Chamber of Ukraine

Today, on March 15, the Menorah Center hosted the VI East Ukrainian Legal Forum of the ACU.
The event turned out a unique platform for professional discussion of lawyers not only in the eastern region, but also in Ukraine as a whole. For six consecutive years, the forum brings together full halls of colleagues from different parts of the country united by the desire to communicate and exchange opinions.

The VI Legal Forum was opened by:
Denis Bugay, President of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine (2013-2017)
Alexei Savchuk, Chairman of the Department of ACU in Dnipropetrovsk region
The forum consisted of four sessions, with the following topics:
– Procedural codes in action;
– Modernization of the CPC;
– Components of successful AO and LK;
– Legal peculiarities of the Eastern Ukrainian region.