What is special about the last days of Pesach?

Coming to an end is Pesach, the most ancient and one of the most important holidays. The seventh and eighth days of Pesach are holidays, and these days are not meant for doing any job. When the candles are lit on these last holidays, an additional “blessing of time” is pronounced. The essence of this blessing is in the expression “the joy of the heart” and is the gratitude to G-d for the experienced feeling of joy that accompanies almost all happy events in the life of the children of Israel.

There are several features of the last day of Pesach. These days see the celebration of time, when G-d worked a miracle for the Jewish people and split the sea to save Jews from the army of the Egyptians. The Jewish people passed through the dissection of the sea, and after this event the Jewish people began to be considered completely free from slavery in Egypt.

Following the custom, at the end of the 8th day of the holiday, close to the time of sunset, “Messiah Meals” are arranged: people eat matzah and drink 4 glasses of wine, same as during the Seder. This last day of Pesach is spiritually connected with the future release from exile, with the coming of the Messiah, because this day sees the shine of the light of Moshiach and the future release.