The Menorah center hosted an educational program “Workshop of civic engagement”

The workshop of ideas within a creative component of the program of informal education for young people entitled “Workshop of civic engagement” was held between 8 and 11 August on the premises of the Menorah cultural and business center.  The workshop has brought together young people from all over Ukraine for 7 years in a row, creating a platform for equal dialogue and understanding, as well as giving an opportunity for self-development and improving the lives of their communities. Under the program, young people can participate in a number of educational activities, visit new regions of Ukraine and implement their own small concrete ideas aimed at improving the lives of their communities. The program is especially relevant in today’s challenging realities of Ukraine, where horizontal communication between people from different regions and projects that support inter-regional dialogue and informal cooperation are of particular value.


The “Workshop of civic engagement” program appreciates the contribution of the Menorah cultural and business center that has provided an inspiring platform for conducting work and will be happy to cooperate in the future.


The project was implemented by the Ukrainian network of adult education and the development of innovations (Ukraine) and the Association of Language and cultural exchange MitOst e.V. (Germany) within the “Dialogue for Change” program with the friendly support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany