Kosher food is useful and tasty

“Kosher, tasty and useful”: it’s about the best and biggest kosher restaurant in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) — the Menorah Grand Palace Complex of the Menorah Center. A harmonious combination of sophisticated service and a masterfully designed menu with a rich palette of tastes, knowledge and understanding of the guest’s needs and wants create a unique atmosphere of this place, capable of attracting the most fastidious gourmets.

A variety of dishes offered by the Menorah Grand Palace for banquets, receptions and family celebrations, as well as for the breakfast of the guests staying at the Menorah Hotel and the 7 Days City Hotel are cooked from environmentally friendly and fresh products in accordance with the rules of kashrut.

Kashrut is a food system that has been around for more than 3,000 years and according to the requirements of which the Menorah Grand Palace Restaurant Complex operates, is becoming more popular today. Such interest comes not only from religion, but is associated with the development of gastronomic culture in general and with the understanding that kosher is a sign of the quality of food, but not the type of cuisine. People, not necessarily Jews, come to the opinion that this is a completely different level of product quality, and this is useful because the correct storage, preparation and combination of products are strictly observed in kashrut.

The production of kosher products and the selection of food ingredients are given increased attention, so they are always extra-quality. Here, mistakes linked to the human factor, inattention, etc. are excluded. While the mass of producers today are chasing profit, ignoring the quality, the rules of kashrut simply exclude any derogation. The rules do not change, they are not adjusted to the situation and do not bend under the requirements of the market and the economy.

According to kashrut, it is forbidden to combine meat and dairy products, eat pork, inhabitants of water depths, some types of fish and birds. Vegetables, fruits and mushrooms should be freshest — even slightly spoiled or with a wormhole, they are already considered non-kosher. Kosher products have a quality certificate and are thoroughly checked by specially trained people — “mashgiyahs”. By the way, kosher dishes can come from the kitchens of different countries.

Come on in, we love our guests! And we have a tasty and healthy kosher food :).