AB Metal Group Company

AB Metal Group expresses its deep gratitude to the Menorah Center and the Event Manager for their help in organizing the children’s corporate event on the Children’s Day. Bright emotions and impressions, super hosts, diverse program of celebrations made this day unforgettable for our children and their parents alike!


owen logo

LLC VO OVEN would like to thank you for the competent and professional approach to organizing our event.We express our sincere gratitude for your very thoughtful attitude and mutual understanding, for the good working contacts between our companies.
We will be happy to further develop our cooperation.

SBT Systems


I would like to express our appreciation to you and your company for quality service and organization of the workshop. We have run a workshop for the second time at the Menorah, but this year we were especially satisfied, much depends on the contact person, who interacts with the customer.
Thank you for your quick response dealing with our needs during the workshop.
We will continue choosing the Menorah for our events!

Kyiv-Mohyla Business School


I would like to thank the Menorah Center on behalf of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School for helping us to put together a training module. Visit to the Menorah Center and our dialogue during the round table with Chief Rabbi of Dnepr and Dnepropetrovsk region Shmuel Kaminezki was an important part of our training module. Special thanks to conference service manager Anna Chudakova for her contribution, we felt the team spirit and reliable partnership, and that is priceless.
We will be glad to expand our cooperation and wish you to bring to life your strategic and most ambitious dreams!

Scientific Library of the National Dnepropetrovsk University


Many thanks for the interesting and exciting excursion. Impressive refined interior and colors, serenity and grandeur. What a blessing that the Menorah Center is located in our city! We will bring our children and grandchildren, friends, and colleagues. Let them admire the beauty and eternity. We would like to wish all Center’s staff a peaceful sky, good health and prosperity.

House of Culture of the regional organization UTOG


On behalf of Dnepropetrovsk regional organization UTOG (“Ukrainian organization of deaf people”), we would like to express huge gratitude to Anastasia, our tour guide, for the interesting and informative excursions for non-hearing members of Dnepropetrovsk UTOG. We had so much fun and found the splendor of the Menorah just awesome.

Mendis Restaurant


We would like to note the performance of sales managers, their always good attitude and fast execution of tasks. Also, special thanks to the staff and the Rental Department Manager personally, Maria Miroschnik, for their responsible attitude to work, timely and thorough performance of their duties, they are indeed very nice and helpful people. Special thanks to the Director for Technical Issues, Aleksandr Fedorovich Miroshnikov, for his always competent and professional advice.



The Menorah Cultural and Business Center has long been our friend and reliable partner. During the three recent years, our company has been growing and developing in the walls of the Menorah Complex. Over this time, we have gone through a lot together: the Technical division staff have been helping us enthusiastically in solving the issues related to re-planning and technical upgrade of our facilities, while the emergency and operations workers are round the clock on guard of the smooth operation of our office. We are happy to express our gratitude to Alexander Fedorovich Miroshnikov, the Chief Engineer of the Menorah Complex, for his willingness to help, support and professional assistance in the implementation of our individual office project. On a special note, we would like to note the work of Maria Alexandrovna, the chief of the Rent Department, who always brings her positive mood to others and takes care of comfort of our company’s every employee. Thanks to her attentiveness and responsiveness, we always get excellent and timely resolution of problems of any complexity. Our best compliments to the Menorah team for the professionalism, customer orientation and friendliness.

The MedExpert Group of Companies



In our opinion, the Menorah Center is the most suitable place for organizing and conducting large-scale conferences and seminars. The availability of several halls of different formats makes it possible to run simultaneously a variety of themed meetings. Thanks to a clear and well-coordinated team work of the Center’s staff, conference service experts, technical staff and restaurant employees we have always managed to hold the event at a high level without a hitch. We sincerely hope for further cooperation.

The Black Square Creative Group



We have repeatedly chosen the Menorah Cultural and Business Center and its Sinai concert hall for touring of our Black Square theater in the city of Dnepr. Incredibly comfortable place, both for the audience and for the theater performers. In addition to watching performances, our viewers have the opportunity to visit the very unique cultural center, its Art Gallery and the Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum.

Comfy – a network of home appliances and electronics shops



Many thanks for your help in putting together a corporate event for COMFY. On a special note, I would like to highlight the conference service professional Galina Anischenko, for showing a customer-oriented approach, rationality, speed of action and coordination of work in the preparation of a very complex event.

CO “CF Tkuma Ukrainian Institute of Holocaust”



We would like to thank the staff of the Menorah Cultural and Business Center, represented by the sales department head Anna Chudakova and conference service manager Victoria Starostenko, for their assistance in the organization of events dedicated to commemorating the Babiy Yar tragedy.

Secretariat of the National Assembly of Disabled of Ukraine



On behalf of the Secretariat of the National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine, we would like to thank the management and staff of the Menorah Cultural and Business Center, which is a unique architectural structure (nothing of the kind in Ukraine), for the creation of appropriate conditions for activities involving physically challenged people. Special thanks to the technical center’s staff, including workers with disabilities for their assistance in conducting the training.

Public organization “Educational forum Az”



We express our gratitude to the Menorah Cultural and Business Center for their support and assistance in the preparation and holding of the international “Education Forum 2016. Dnepr”. Speed, professionalism and high quality of services provided force us to come back to you! We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Company Silta Color LTD



Our company has been a corporate client of the Menorah Hotel for a long time and is very happy with the quality of service. Very often we place our staff in the hotel rooms, use conference services, like for the last New Year’s corporate party, for example, we booked space in the Pchelkin’s House for a meeting and a hall at the Menorah for a corporate get-together, occupying all the rooms in the hotel, and we were fully satisfied. It is worth noting the hotel’s great value for money ratio, the rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a person on a business trip and to feel comfortable. Also all our employee praised breakfast, very tasty. It is also a must to note the staff’s client-centered approach. The reservation managers are always ready to quickly process the request, give advice and find a compromise for the solution of various organizational issues. I recommend this hotel for stay in Dnepr. This is the best value for money and excellent location in the city center, right in the heart, while the Menorah itself is undoubtedly a tourist attraction. So, thank you, keep it up, and we hope for further fruitful cooperation.





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