The wedding ceremony at the Pchelkin’s Mansion

Wedding is the most long-awaited event and one of the top important moments in the life of every couple in love. The Pchelkin’s House is an ideal place for this ceremony.

Here, your wedding will turn into a real materialization of magic. The striking architecture and unique interiors are sure to create an atmosphere of refined luxury, trigger excitement and turn your celebration into a story that you will remember forever.

Built in 1898 by the well-known Yekaterinoslav merchant David Pchelkin, this Mansion even at that time impressed its visitors with its decoration: unique moldings and marble fireplaces. Today, this is one of the few surviving buildings of the pre-revolutionary era, which has received the status of an architectural monument. As a result of the extensive reconstruction, every detail of the interior is rebuilt, and nowadays the old mansion has found a new life and become an ideal place for special events.

Each wedding at the Pchelkin’s Mansion is unique and different, because the Menorah Center professionals are striving to create a special atmosphere and exercise individual approach to each newlywed couple.

One should not worry now about the weather on the day of the ceremony and what time of year is out there, outside your windows, nothing can overshadow your event at the Pchelkin’s Mansion.

The wedding ceremony at the Pchelkin’s Mansion shall be a beautiful beginning of a story!

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