The Menorah Center as a platform for open air activities

For city visitors, the Menorah Center is a sightseeing attraction. And for the residents of Dnepr, it is a multifunctional complex, providing major opportunities, for example, for the development and lifting up of business image. The Center’s potential is practically limitless and helps implement any project. During warmer months, the Menorah Center’s courtyard can become a great option for outdoor activities. Car dealership presentations, fashion shows, musical evenings and much more can run at the Menorah Center under the open sky. The Menorah is always there to provide maximum comfort for guests, starting from the location of the Center and to top up with professional catering services. Teams of event-managers and the best technical support for events of any size are readily available for those putting together any activity.  The Menorah Center will help to bring to life any idea!


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