Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”

Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine Museum is the world’s third largest memorial complex area dedicated to the Holocaust. The museum occupies three floors of the Menorah Center and comprises four main halls. Total exposition area is about 3000 sq.m.

The first hall of the Museum consists of two parts and is dedicated to traditions of Judaism and peculiarities of traditional Jewish life in cities and towns. The largest museum hall is dedicated to the Holocaust. Its exposition area exceeds 800 sq.m. From the Hall of Memory one can get into the Hall of Names. At the Museum exit visitors see The Break of the World installation that reminds us of the civilization catastrophe that took place when the Nazis came to power.

Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine Museum is truly outstanding due to its multimedia installations, holograms, video- and audio- translations used along with traditional showcases. The Museum also holds temporary expositions and has the information center, library, classrooms etc.

The Museum also arranges excursions on an ongoing basis.

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