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The Menorah Hotel is a modern 4-star international hotel. Its format combines the traditionalism with the supreme quality. The hotel is located in the very heart of Dnepr, close to the New bridge, which is the main traffic artery of the city connecting the right and the left banks of the Dnieper River. The hotel has 82 comfortable and elegantly designed rooms that give our guests the feeling of home away from their homes. The Menorah Hotel is the first kosher hotel in Dnepr. It is the only hotel where the Shabbat system is implemented: everyone honoring the Shabbat can have it even far away from home according to all the rules and traditions.

The Menorah Hotel is different from other city hotels in seven main aspects:
• Unique Jewish traditions. We are very sensitive to observing Jewish traditions at the Menorah Hotel. The hotel is the only one in the CIS that has the Shabbat system, which gives an opportunity to all observing Shabbat, to have it away from home in accordance with all the rules and traditions.
• National cuisine. Both Jewish dishes and culinary delights of other world’s cuisines are available to hotel guests at the Menorah Grand Palace Restaurant. We make sure our every guest stays healthy, so all dishes at the Menorah Hotel are cooked only from the highest quality natural ingredients purchased in Europe.
• Multinational hotel guests. The Menorah Hotel is truly international. You may hear the melodious Ukrainian speech and reserved English, as well as passionate Italian here. Nevertheless, all the guests of the Menorah Hotel have a lot in common: a perfect taste and desire to choose only the best products and services.
• Original cultural and sightseeing tours. The Menorah Hotel guests won’t be bored here. A unique exhibition is available for them today, while tomorrow it may be a concert of the famous performer. The Menorah Center always houses the most exciting and spectacular events. The friendly staff of the Tourist Information Center will help every guest choose a suitable event or tour to suit her/his interests in the time available.
• World-class service. It is very important that each guest of the Menorah Hotel felt completely comfortable. The hotel is equipped with cutting-edge technical equipment and has a highly qualified staff to ensure world-class service.
• Accommodation in the facility, which is a landmark of Ukraine. The Menorah Hotel is not accidentally located in the Menorah complex, which is the center of the spiritual, cultural and business life of Dnepr and Ukraine. The Menorah Complex is equal to none not only from the architectural, but also from the conceptual point of view. Every day the center opens its doors to hundreds of visitors from all over the world.
• A special atmosphere. A special atmosphere of the Menorah Hotel reigns through a unique combination of the highest level of service and commitment to tradition. Guests can enjoy modern comfortable rooms, excellent service, delicious cuisine and spectacular city views from the Menorah Hotel.